GEC Buxar Principal Message

We welcome you to GEC, Buxar. The aim of GEC, Buxar is to provide unmatched qualitative education to develop the best that is hidden in student and to encourage them to explore the joy of learning.

Globalization and increasing diversity in needs has generated an enhanced demand for competitive skills and here at GEC, Buxar, our purpose is to provide the forum where such needs shall be fulfilled.

Students at GEC, Buxar are motivated to develop leadership skills and a thorough understanding of interdependence. Special emphasis is placed on the need to serve others while actively contributing to the college community and society as a whole.

At GEC, Buxar, we aspire to encourage students to believe in themselves, to give their very best, to reach great heights and they can ….. If they believe in their abilities to do so.

With Regards,
Dr. Kumar Surendra
Email: [email protected]